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Lily Flies

amywink March 20th, 2013


And she still loves her Tidy Cat Easy Pour Jug.


Happy 11th Month Birthday, Lily!

Lily’s New Tidy Cat Jug Tricks

amywink November 7th, 2012

This morning, our morning walk was cut short by 4 loose dogs in the neighborhood. So we came home for some backyard play. I decided to try a few new tricks and I was working with Lily to teach her “over”. She decided to add a bit of fun after she’d gotten the new command down.

And then, she decided it would be fun to add a little artistry to her jumps….

Sadly, I did not get the video of her jumping over the jump with her jug, then barreling straight to her pool with the jug and leaping into the water with zest and gusto.

Smarty Pants Dog.

Lily’s Morning

amywink September 9th, 2012

As I was trying to write a blog post this morning, I was interrupted by a certain young Welsh Springer who really really needed to expend some morning energy. I still haven’t gotten back to my post but I have new videos.

Lily’s New Trick

amywink August 28th, 2012

And now for video……make sure the sound is turned up a little. :)

For All Lily’s Fans at Purina’s Design Department And Tidy Cats

amywink August 24th, 2012

This week, Lily went viral at Purina and Tidy Cats (isn’t the Internet interesting?). So, for Jacob and Joshua** (sorry for the wrong names earlier! The sudden heady nature of fame has affected my memory) and everyone else who enjoyed her yesterday, I thought I’d put together her rave review of the New Tidy Cat Easy Pour Jug.

1) The new jug makes a WONDERFUL sound…a kind of babonk-whump when it lands. It’s beyond exciting.


2) That side handle is SO convenient!!


3) It FLOATS!!!


4) BOTH handles are great for grabbing in a variety of situations.


5) It turns her into Lily Lightening Bolt


6) But it's also good for more sedate situations, when a body needs a little rest.


7) It’s Portable!!


8) It helps her bond with her kitty buddies as we all work to reduce, reuse, and recycle.