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Lent: Tender

amywink March 20th, 2018

This long-recurring wound
between our hope and fear
we have only barely
worked to heal,
this tender scar now
freshly torn again
by shadows that prefer
a more familiar pain.

As if some darkness cannot
suffer our ragged, tender edges
growing softly together new
and seeks instead
to keep us hardening
our divided heart
so we may never heal
the truth of our fondled
yet forgotten injury.

Lent: Eggs

amywink March 16th, 2018

These beautifully dark-yolked
eggs from pastured chickens
are so much more costly now,
a scandalous price some might say,
and ridiculous just for eggs.

I count the cost, deciding
against this beautiful kindness
and choose instead a cheaper
dozen that still seems kind enough,
though they will not be so richly colored,
like an image of the setting sun,
or make me think of pastured chickens,
bright flocks among the grasses, grazing.

It is not just those eggs I think of
this morning as I wonder
about the price we refuse to
pay for kindness, but a teacher
determined to value her students,
despite advice against
such scandalous costs.

I am thinking instead
of the price we refuse to pay
for those young black lives,
what price instead seems
barely kind enough,
and in that ridiculous choice of bargains,
how little compassion we
decide we can afford.

Lent: Gardener

amywink March 12th, 2018

The gardener I am
has not fully returned
from this long rest
but in this spring
I know I am still here.

Though I have not yet
risen to the work
and I see what
waits to be done,
I can finally again
imagine what I once
intentionally planted
and know that it
still grows,
even among these
accidental weeds.

Lent: One

amywink March 10th, 2018

It will take all
our voices allied
against this enemy,
this idea that they
are not ourselves
in some different guise
by our fear concealed,

As if beneath or beyond
our caring and so made
unworthy of our notice by
rendered difference
we work to fabricate instead.

It would be far
more simple just
to truly see
and yet, we raise
that darkening veil
and by such labored
thought sustain
the fear we could
more easily and
rightly free.

Lent: Exchange

amywink March 9th, 2018

“It is difficult to get the news from poems yet men die miserably every day for lack of what is found there.” William Carlos Williams

This is not the first
time we have met
over books and poetry.
Once it was Rilke’s
“Book of Hours”
and we talked of how
to pronounce the name,
what more to read,
and after that,
into the rest of my day
I went renewed
by our exchange.

This day, another book
leads again to what
we find between us,
stories and poetry,
a question of what I teach,
a question of what he writes.
and we draw our sign
like ichthus as if in sand between us,
we two poet-readers,
we people of the book,
we people of the word.

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