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Pretty, Pretty Girl

amywink April 2nd, 2012

Blessing continues to impress and improve. After a weekend without a visit (Pin Oak Horse Show for Francine and Malen!), I got to see her again on Saturday and she looked fabulous. Her coat is beginning to dapple for the first time and she’s in great shape from her daily exercising. She also seems to have settled very well into her new job as a driving horse. This week, she was able to walk alone down to the dressage arena, with Francine taking a ride on the way down.


And she looked much more confident and comfortable after 2 full weeks of carriage work. As usual, I can tell when she’s figured out a few things in her training. The first week she’s learning something knew, she clearly concentrates very hard on figuring it out–and I can practically see her furrowed brow. Usually by the second week, she has more confidence and seems to have figured things out, and even has a little strut and swagger about the entire experience.


This week, I also got to take a ride and saw her from a new angle:


I can’t wait to drive her but I do want her to be ready and safe. In the meantime, I’m enjoying watching her tremendously.


I have also begun to be more open to the eventual pair training I have in my future. In my usual overly-cautious way, I’ve always more prepared for things not to work than the other way round. However, watching Blessing this weekend, I couldn’t help but envision how gorgeous the two of them would be together. What starts as fantasy moves toward dream before becoming reality. So far, the dream of Blessing has moved steadily into reality. I have thought to drive her for a year to get to know her as well as I know Will but that’s as far as I had planned. Until Saturday, when I bumped the pair training up a notch on my list of goals and aspirations. I don’t yet have the practicalities worked out but I feel those will come at the right time, whenever that is. Because of course, how could these two not go together?