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amywink June 19th, 2012


The Great American Dog Trip finished up yesterday morning when I drove the last leg to Austin with Lily. She’s a champion traveler now and slept the entire way. Once home, she greeted her new grandparents enthusiastically and her new doggie companions, the dachshunds. The cats, Phoebe and Henry are not very happy but we are making very slow inroads with Phoebe. Henry remains under the bed except for a brief period last night.

Lily will be a very good writing dog as she already knows how to lie down near me and sleep while I work. She’s keeping her eyes on me as well so we will work on getting her used to not seeing me every second. It is endearing, of course, and I can see how she will also be a good follower. She’s already figured out the leash, but also off leash stays close in the backyard. Her nose is on the ground a lot so she’s going to enjoy tracking whatever crosses her path. I feel a great kinship with Jon Katz this week as he relates his new life with his new Red dog. My new red and white dog is working out spectacularly well too.

For the next three weeks, we’ll be doing a lot of stuff to get her exposed to everything during her optimum socialization period–horses, other dogs, more people–by her 12 week birthday. I’ve already found the puppy classes so we’ll get to those as soon as we can.

Mostly this week….I plan to rest…and get back to teaching.