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Blessing’s Big Weekend

amywink September 16th, 2012


So what I was trying to write about last week when Lily so rudely interrupted was our preparations for Blessing’s first show. That entry remains in the draft folder because this weekend was the show! We had a lucky break with the weather and Saturday was very pleasant. Blessing did very well for her first show. She didn’t really care for the in hand classes but came away with the Grand Champion Morgan Mare award anyway! She did not place in the Sport Horse Suitability class because she just Was Not Going to Play. Oh well, it was just for fun.

Once we got her in harness, however, she knew what she was about and started to work well. We had some anxiety as soon as she saw the audience in the stands, but Francine took over and got her straightened out from her pretzel position. Once we went by the stands about 3 times, she was fine. We had a practice class in the Give Cancer the Boot Driving Class and she did fine even after I took over the reins. :)

We did very well in the Working Carriage class and came away with a second place but we got 3rd in Reinsmanship. I’m trying not to be irked that I didn’t do better than last year’s show with Will but I didn’t get to do more than go around the arena while I was waiting for some serious circles!! We tried Cones for the first time and I think Blessing really liked going fast. We came away with another 2nd in Timed Cones and 3rd in Pick Your Own Route because I killed a cone at gate 5.

Of course, it was all fun and exciting and Blessing had a good time, I think, as did I. I’m still not quite as confident with her as I am with Will but we are getting there together.


Ride and Drive

amywink January 19th, 2012

Last week, we had a HOTMHC meeting in Bastrop and decided on the date for the 2012 Show: April 21. So, we have 3 months to prepare! Lisa thinks I need to enter a riding class, walk/trot. “We’ll see” is my basic approach. I do intend to think about it and work toward that possibility and to that end, this past weekend, Will tried on some old duds to see how they fit.


This week, we’ll try the riding bridle again to see what he thinks about being able to look around more. He hasn’t been ridden since 2007 or so but he seemed to remember his saddle just fine.

Our drive went fine as well and we’ve added a new element to our training, a passenger and her horse! Since Lisa is recovering from wrist surgery, she decided to ride along and pony Windy to keep her in condition while she herself recovers from surgery. Windy seemed to enjoy the outing and Will did too, though he wasn’t always sure she was close by. I did let him look around several times to see her and I got a quick shot of her as we stopped to visit Popeye and Kid in the back pasture.


First Show

amywink April 17th, 2011


I have been woefully behind on writing here but I’ve been preparing for our first show, the Heart of Texas Morgan Club Fun Show, which was this past weekend. It was our first show ever and we practiced as much as we could and came away with some ribbons for our efforts! I was very pleased with both of our performances. I entered 5 classes: The Justin Morgan Standard In Hand Class and all the driving classes, our forte.

Here we are about to head in to the Justin Morgan class:


However, Will decided that the In Hand class was Certain Death and determined to be on Constant Alert, whirling around to face anything behind him, imagined or real. He called and called to Windy, constantly concerned that she’d been consumed and he was next. Now, the Justin Morgan class is judged on how well the horse meets the image of Justin Morgan physically as well as how nicely he behaves. So. While Will *looks* like Justin Morgan, he didn’t behave like Justin Morgan and we placed 4th. Still, it was good practice and we headed back to the stall to wait for the afternoon driving classes while I watched the other classes.

When I returned to the stalls, I found him resting peacefully in the sunshine. Silly horse.


So his freak-out in the morning got it out of his system and he was ready for business.


Our performance in Working Carriage, a class in which the horse is judged for being a pleasure to drive, was quite good and I was pleased with Will as we earned another 4th place ribbon. In the Reinsmanship class, in which the driver is judged, we came away with a nice 3rd place ribbon after performing a figure 8 pattern to determine the driver’s skill. I was very pleased to come away with 3rd place after all our work this spring!img_0141.jpgimg_0151.jpgimg_0159.jpgimg_0164.jpgimg_0178.jpg

After the classes inside the arena, we moved outside to the cones, where we earned two more 3rd places, with a clean round (no balls down!) and a time of 1:29 in Timed Cones (8 sets of cones), then a much faster 59 seconds in Pick your Own Route! It was a tremendously fun course and I took the same route as the first course, but made a better turn between 6 and 7. Will was quite tired but did his best and I was very proud of him. It was very clear that all our dressage work paid off in each class and the cones course

I’m waiting on other photographers shots for the outside photos so stay tuned!

Sunday Drive

amywink September 4th, 2010

Our last Sunday drive in August started early but very cool! Finally, a break in the summer heat and our temperature was at 69 for the start. It was a good day for photography too and I manage to get several shots I’d had in my head for a long time.

Like this one:

Throughout our early morning drives, I have been watching our shadows, thinking of this photograph, so I was extremely pleased to get this shot. Since we’ve had some time off, Will’s approached our drives more positively, looking more like he’s having a good time. We’ve enjoyed some new trails as well and he’s enjoying those too. Though the hills are making him work harder, we’re rewarded by the views ahead. This shot has also been in my head for a while:


We’re conditioning for the Plum Creek Swap Drive in October, a goal I’ve had for the year. He’s looking very good, though prefers a very pokey walk by the end of our drives.

Blessing is beginning to get some lessons too! My goal for her this coming year is the HOTMHC Fun Show in April. Hopefully, we will be able to show her in hand before she heads off to driving training. She got her first lesson in standing last weekend–from Lisa–and we finally got one good stand out of her–though she was really not sure it was worth the trouble.


This weekend will mark the third month with us and she’s settled in quite nicely, adding a cheerful presence to our herd. She’s quite the happy horse and compliments her brother’s more complex personality very well. I think she rolls her eyes at him quite often.



amywink July 6th, 2010


I was renewing my membership to Heart of Texas Morgan club this week and naturally, they asked for my “farm name”. I don’t really have a farm, but I have 2 horses. And I do have a “farm” address. Since Lisa has 2 bays, it’s easy to distinguish which two are mine: the red ones.

I spent Monday evening watching the pair in the sunset. They are developing a good, calm relationship. Blessing backs off when Will looks grumpy, but she doesn’t move very far off and he doesn’t chase her very far so she can move right back in close. Mostly, they graze close together and Will seems happy with his pasture mate, though he gets a little worried when it looks like she might be getting a treat.


This morning, I pulled out my new toy, a Mouse detail sander, and got to work on the cart wheels that have been sitting in the garage for, oh, two years. I got one completely sanded and am totally sold on the little sander! I’ll get to the second wheel later this week then start the staining and varnishing.

I finished painting all the bolts (lots and lots and lots of bolts). Now I have to decide whether to paint the nuts before I put the cart together or after. Given the chance of banging the paint up in the assembly process, I’m leaning toward painting after assembly. It might be tedious but I have to paint the bolt ends anyway.

I still need to order new springs and spring blocks later this summer but those will be the last parts I need. I’m hoping to finish getting this cart together by Spring 2011, so we can use it at the Heart of Texas Morgan Horse Fun Show in April. We’ll see if I can get there–and we’ll have to see if Will likes it!! If not, Blessing will be getting a very nice cart for driving single!

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