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Driving From the Left Hand

amywink April 20th, 2013


I have returned to driving lessons in an attempt to get myself unstuck from the mire I’ve been in for several weeks. Last Saturday, I had my first lesson with Francine since December and it went spectacularly well. To improve my whip-handling, I am learning to drive from the left hand, while using the whip in my right hand as the horse bends in the corners. It is a very exciting step in my driving and is adding a great deal of finesse to the “steering”. Last Saturday was my first try at it and this Saturday we worked on it again. I felt a great improvement in my corner steering and in the straight lines. The subtlety of movement in my wrist and fingers–mostly my wrist rotating from flat to upright, like the turning of a key– makes a much more finely tuned directional movement of the horse and it’s a complete “Wow” moment. I know that Blessing is going to love it.

In addition to the new stage in my driving training, I have been really enjoying driving the new carriage Francine has. It’s a De Lemerij made by Dominiak and during the last two weeks (since I saw the carriage in early April), I’ve distracted myself with carriage research–and it was very very helpful this last week. This carriage (pictured above) is the Karo and it drives very smoothly and has the kind of floor that Lily would completely love–she did hop up happily up and spread out “frog-legged” comfy when we tried it unhooked a few weeks ago. I liked the ride and how it looks hooked as well! Here it is hooked to a friend’s Welsh Cob mare who is about the same size as my horses.


So now I am dreaming of my own and thinking how I’ll save and save for the purchase.

It rained this week and I caught these drops on the Hello, Darkness iris.


And Thursday was Lily’s first birthday. We celebrated with a lovely cookie from Groovy Dog Bakery.


Happy Birthday, Lily.