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Two Weeks

amywink June 20th, 2010

Yesterday was the two-week anniversary of Blessing’s arrival. When she saw me in the morning, she ran across the pasture, whinnying. So. I think she’s happy in her new home.

She had to wait for her time though because it was Driving Day for Will and Windy.

Windy, who has been in the back pasture, was sporting the latest fashion in burr: img_6244.jpg

Very Rasta, Very Hip.

It was almost enough to make a person cut that forelock off. But Lisa persevered with the comb, and eventually Windy had her mane back in order. I’m sure she was upset after she’d clearly worked so hard to achieve that look!

Will was a good boy and wore nothing of the kind, just a smug look:


We had a very good drive. Since his little meltdown at Agarita, I’ve had my great driving horse back. Steady, confident, responsive. I supposed he decided since he survived, he might go ahead and try to do his best again.

I am trying out driving from the left hand. I am making my way through Andy Marcoux’s article “Driving from the Left Hand (It’s Not Driving One Handed!) from the March/April 2009 Driving Digest. Like my previous reading on the outside rein, I’m s l o w l y reading through the article, digesting what I can. I tried the ‘English’ position, with the left rein over the top of my index finger, and the right rein between the middle and ring finger. Sure enough, Will was very responsive, very light in the mouth. I only tried for a few minutes but it was enough to see how well it would work with him. I will need to keep reading and continue practicing. I will try out the Hungarian position as well, just to see which fits my hand most comfortably.