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Lent: Faith

amywink March 2nd, 2018

How could I doubt
or worse, refuse
this deepening peace,
this knowing the work
I have been given
this work for which I am
so completely,
so faithfully
to listen,
to recognize,
to distill
this beauty.

How could I even
think I would be asked,
now that I understand,
to give up
all that has now
been drawn,
back together.

Lent: A Necessary Quiet

amywink March 2nd, 2018

This deafening world
does not think to share
attention but splits
us into
as if our attention
could only be paid
by giving all of it
at once to the
loudest present
cause, a singular
prize to take away
for only one.

But in the necessary
quiet, the peace that
comes in silence,
attention expands,
like rising water
reaching both,
so we begin to notice
that whole
we more likely
need to comprehend.