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Lent: The Poet in Sunday School

amywink February 26th, 2018

We are discussing
Moses and the
scholarly dissection
of the meaning
of his name,
which may be either
“pulled from the water”
or “son of no one”
and the implications
of such naming on
the boy at court.

But I wonder if
someone might
have told him
otherwise, looking
at this different
child, refining
those words
to tell him
that his name meant
“born of water”
because you are
born from water
and the water will
always remember you.

And I wonder how
he might have
thought differently
about who he was,
born of water,
nourished by water,
how we might think
differently about
this child of water,
who we are asked
to always remember,
and the poetry that
God has written
with his story.