Lent: Lament

amywink February 19th, 2018

Lent: Lament

Tell me there was some one,
at least one, who was kind.

Who could there be no one?

No one who turned?
No one who saw?
No one who reached?
No one who walked
toward your trouble,
just to be with you there,
just so you were not alone?

How was there no one?

I think of my own troubles,
and those who showed up,
just to be present,
just to be,
knowing so little
could be said,
just to be sanctuary
in the darkness,
so I could see
perhaps even
just the palest light.

I think of the times
I have turned toward
someone’s trouble.

How could there be no one?

How can there still be no one
walking toward this trouble?

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