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Be careful what you ask for

amywink December 14th, 2017

Be Careful What You Ask For

How difficult it
must have been
for my mother
who planned
and willed
and prayed
for a daughter
like herself, to realize
her prayer was answered
with some one more,
more real,
more powerful
more frightening
and yet more beloved
than she thought possible.

This daughter who would not
be molded like porcelain clay,
who would not turn her head,
even at her mother’s request,
but who would instead,
set her jaw and mind
against the boundaries
of her mother’s life
this daughter who would
continually push against
those confinements,
an uncompliant Eve,
intent to bend all arbitrary rules
to the point of breaking
so that we might all be freed,
into our own Edens,

This daughter, an answered prayer
for the freedom she was afraid
to know she wanted.

“I miss my little boy”

amywink December 3rd, 2017

“I miss my little boy”

In the presence of
our friend’s deepest grief,
the rending of her heart
tears at both of us
while we listen,
wanting to say
to ease her
unrelenting hurt,
as if words could
mend what only
time may change.

But there is
simply nothing
we can do
as she breaks
before us shattering
in grief
in anger
in fear
in longing for
her bright boy,
now gone.

In her wailing darkness
all we can do
is be with her
while she breaks
and breaks,
and breaks,

be with her in her
unfathomable pain,
be with her,
be with her,
be in her
her broken
yet unbreaking