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Isaac Unbound

amywink November 30th, 2017

Isaac Unbound

At least Abraham knew
what he was asked
to give, the gift
he had been given
for his kindness
and in his devotion,
and to our horror,
handed back.

This isn’t always the case,
knowing what we are asked
to give back, to lay down,
to prepare in sacrifice
simply because we
have been asked.

Perhaps that is the only way
to be able to bind
the precious thing,
the beloved gift
we hold in our hearts,
only because we have been asked
something we cannot refuse
because of devotion, or faith
or unquestioned understanding
of the more important call.

Simply because we cannot refuse.

God answered Abraham’s devotion
swiftly because who would have
hung onto that story if we’d had to
wait years for the ram in the bushes?
the knife forever poised over the child?
Wondering what happens between
the binding and the sacrifice?

Sometimes we do not know
all that we have given until
the work has been completed,
the dutiful task finished
and the gift
we’d bound returns,
increased by multitudes,
in abundance so astonishing
we stand in wonder
and disbelief
at the unbound future
until we realize our
Isaac is what we gave,
and to us,
our bright Isaac
returns, rising each day
unbound and
full of laughter

and we may again
hold close that
beloved gift
of our hearts
filled with joy,
filled with life.