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The Book of Judith

amywink October 26th, 2017


The Book of Judith
thinking about Judith, Joan, and Madeleine Albright

The truth we wield like
swords and shields,
and carry as we ride
out to meet the battles
we cannot lose,
the truth that
keeps us
moving forward,
through despair,
through weariness,
and the cloud of voices
that wheedle and irritate
our hopes, as if to gain
a footing to press against
our doubts and somehow
force retreat.

But the enemy
can not comprehend
our tender strength,
which does not lie
in the thought of
giving up
our lives
for what we
know is truth,
but instead grows
from a deeper ferocity,
the truth we
refuse to relinquish,
the truth we will not
live without.