Swimming in the Faith Lane at the Townlake Y

amywink October 19th, 2017

Swimming in the Faith Lane
at the Townlake Y

After the day’s writing,
I spend my afternoons
in water at the Townlake Y.
There, a great democracy
of bodies prevails, so away
from self-consciousness
we all swim, aged and middle young,
under the mantric banners
spanning each lane:
Faith, Responsibility,
Respect, Honesty,
and Caring, the
bright goals
for thought and
moral action.

I swim slow, almost
languid in the water,
but, in concert,
my body finally
works with mind,
so like a strong
unwavering tide,
I gain a thinking pace
unmatched by outer
progress, unfettered
by doubt or gravity,
buoyant in the
soft and necessary waters
of a consoling faith.


One Response to “Swimming in the Faith Lane at the Townlake Y”

  1. Nancy Johnsonon 19 Oct 2017 at 7:46 am

    Once again, your poem strikes a familiar chord. I participate in water aerobics at the (Maple Street) Y every weekday morning, and I love it. But it is the slow, solitary swim afterwards that I value most…makes the rest of the day seem …something to look forward to, somehow.

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