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Cleaning Matthew’s Room

amywink October 17th, 2017

Cleaning Matthew’s Room

for Pam and Dennis

“We are cleaning Matthew’s room,” she said,
“but he doesn’t want to throw anything away.”

Listening, I think
he is an historical child,
aware of collecting
preserving the archives
of his previous selves,
who he has been,
what his creations were,
at three four five
until now ten
soon to be eleven.

So he gathers creativity around him,
comforted with personal significance,
the evidence of presence and
accomplishment in this childhood,
a history of his own being.

His collections, his life’s work,
are reminders of ability,
of learning the process—
the work of life, as much as art—
cushioning the transition
into his next growing year
in this beautifully difficult world.