Prayer Request

amywink March 21st, 2017

Prayer Request

Dear Pastor Michael,

I met you after church on Sunday,
introduced by a college friend,
now imagined sister returned to me
and whose family connects to mine
through time and place,
like travelers always
meeting along the way.

I would like to make
a prayer request
for your time in Paris,
before your walking
pilgrimage begins.

Please enjoy a beautiful meal,
something simple,
or elegant,
either will do,
but enjoy the meal,
fully savoring,
fully present.

Make a prayer of the food,
of the eating, make a prayer
of the present being,
breathing the air
of Paris in spring.

Make a prayer of the people
living their daily lives,
savoring the slow
pace of quiet living.

Make a prayer for the grace
that brings us all together
to savor our lives,
to live for joy,
to connect all of us

by the breath of God,
we are moved together,

so that I, on hearing Bach,
am moved again toward music,
and find myself in church to sing

and then to stand on the steps
with you and hear of your trip to Paris,
so that I may remember
my beloved friend
who meant to return
to Paris in her last spring.

So I make this request
of you– for her, for me–
make a prayer of the food,
make a prayer of the people,
make a prayer of the living,
make a prayer of the joy.

Then listen for the answer, yes.

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