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“Do this in remembrance of me.”

amywink February 5th, 2017

On my mother’s 77th birthday, I posted to Facebook a list of things to do in honor of her for friends and family remembering her. And in the writing, the list became a poem.

“Do this in remembrance of me.”

Be kind to a child.
Tell a helpful story.
Send a clipping.

Play the piano. Bach, Joplin, Guthrie, Wesley
Sing. Loud. Shrill if you need to.
Don’t shush.

Spend time in your garden, tending memories.
Write a letter to a friend or cousin.
Plant an heirloom rose.
Stomp your feet at a women’s basketball game.

Pet a dog.
Stroke a cat, if she will come close enough.
Hold a baby goat.
Marvel at horses.

Stand on the beach.
Hike in the mountains.
Look for birds and seashells.
Drive down a country road to see what’s there.

Donate to the very left-est wing organization of your choice.

Make a good trouble.

Eat chicken enchiladas and guacamole.
Drink a good dark German beer.
Buy wine for the shape of the bottle.

Laugh hard at something silly.
Try to stifle a laugh in church.
Make wisecracks under your breath.
Raise your eyebrows.

Play with clay.
Make art.

Thank a teacher.

Start researching your genealogy.
Walk through an old cemetery.
Lose track in the story you are telling.

Do the best you can.
Make peace with your mistakes.
Recognize what wasn’t.

Love deep and fierce.