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Out of Storage

amywink February 2nd, 2017


I wrote this poem between the deaths of my mother and my writing partner, Stacey. Stacey was so happy to know I was writing again, so happy to read my creative work again after years of heavy care-giving had kept me from it. But I had not been silent in the 3 years since my last post on my blog. I had been writing a long, thoughtful daily correspondence to my friend as she lived and died with cancer. I had not lost writing; I had simply changed audiences. I had not lost myself; I had simply put a few things in storage.

~For Stacey 1964-2016

My mother died and I
am bringing out
things I stored
in the years of giving care.

A house closed and waiting,
furnishings covered, draped
against the dust
and missing presence
of the living.

Piece by piece
the shrouds removed,
the bright essentials
returning to light

burnished soft
smoothed to glowing
sublime with remembrance

My things
by silence
and solitude,
for return
to use.