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Introvert Person, Extrovert Dog

amywink March 24th, 2013


Lily made her debut as a true “Austin” dog this weekend with our adventurous trip out to The Mighty Texas Dog Walk. She loved it. Her whole body said “This is absolutely fabulous!” as we approached the venue at Auditorium Shores on Lady Bird Lake.img_3873.jpg She did so well with the crowds of people and was ecstatic at the dogs. Clearly she had no idea such a festival FOR dogs would be possible and it Made Her Day. Now, it is relatively easy to make her day and she often has The Best Day Ever with a relatively small outing or an encounter with a child or a nice walk around the neighborhood. But this event made her extremely happy. She spent most of her time on the actual walk sniffing the ground, which was Much More Interesting that her usual ground.


Or she was looking at me with this goofy-oh-so-happy-dog face:


It was a great crowd but I don’t think we broke the record (set at The Great North Dog Walk in the UK). We did have a really good time.

It’s not usually the kind of event that I really go in for, preferring smaller groups of people, but it was completely Lily’s kind of experience. One dog selection book even recommended that introverted people might prefer to find an extroverted dog who might create an acceptable path to more extroverted experiences–though that assumes that one finds being introverted a kind of problem that one might want to overcome (Thanks, I’m actually fine with it). But having a dog that can go places is a treat–having had a dog who Could Not.

While Lily enjoyed the large exciting event, she is also quite happy doing quite things as well and doesn’t always need constant stimulation of a large crowd–and we took some “quiet” breaks for nice lake-side photo sessions.


Since I have worked with her to make her an acceptable public dog, she’s actually quite a good extrovert dog–able to manage most of her impulses for attention until they are welcome, and thus being easily rewarded for her politeness.

The last time we visited a similar event, a dog agility event, she completely lost her sense of decorum and started to leap on every person she encountered–as if saying “Dog people! Dog people!!” This time, she her feet stayed mainly on the floor except when she was was greeting her dog-peeps from Dog School. By the end of the day, though, she was putting her paws on me and looking at my face with unrestrained happiness, as if to say “This was the Greatest Day. Thank You So MUCH!”

Of course, I was completely happy to have provided her with the day.