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Lily Flies

amywink March 20th, 2013


And she still loves her Tidy Cat Easy Pour Jug.


Happy 11th Month Birthday, Lily!

Birds and Butterflies

amywink March 20th, 2013


Sitting out in the yard in the more pleasant Spring weather, I’ve been lucky with a few photography targets. This past week, the Cedar Waxwings have been coming through. Their high peeeeping makes them a distinctive sound in the other bird calls but they are an elusive photography subject. High in our red oak tree, nearly at the top, I did manage to capture a few shots of them. They are such elegant birds and I’m always pleased to encounter them on their way through.


A Trip to The Livestock Show

amywink March 20th, 2013


Last week, I took a trip out to the Travis County Livestock Show with my donkey-driving friend, Sally, and her two fine examples of the Miniature Donkey, who would be on display for the crowds in attendance.


I certainly enjoyed checking out the animals. Lily was not allowed and I can imagine that she’d have been far too excited to remember her training.

This baby Longhorn was well guarded by his mother, who waved her horns at those who got too close.


And this little fellow was a fine example of the Dorper breed…and is an example of why I can’t eat lamb…