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Spring Break

amywink March 11th, 2013


Lily enjoyed a return to her Saturday dog class as we get ready for the Mighty Texas Dog Walk. She was OVERJOYED to see the dogs and after a few minutes of bouncing and leaping, she did manage a very nice walk around the block before heading into class. She did even manage to hold it together for a down/stay with the other dogs. . . as long as she could see me through the doorway. She’s unlikely to ever be the dog who will casually let me go out of her sight and I am fine with that. My expectation of her, after all, is that she will with me and it is clear that she understands this is her job as well. But, she enjoyed the Saturday class so much and it seemed to be very good for her to learn to work with the other dogs as a distraction, that I have decided to take her back to Saturday classes as our next Sunday session ends. Since my driving schedule has shifted, I’ll see how this works out for her. I suspect she’ll really benefit from it.

She is approaching her 11 month birthday and looking more and more grown up:


Here she was at 7 1/2 weeks: