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Days Between

amywink January 23rd, 2013

I have been taking a generous amount of time off from this writing but I am trying to get back into the habit here in Mid-January. I have had a restful break between the semesters and have started back up again without issue. Lily is enjoying my schedule, which gives her mid afternoons for fun and play as well as the quiet days between teaching days. She seems to understand completely “go to school” and settles in quietly until I return home. Since I do not come home smelling of interesting things or horses, she seems fine with it all.

She is growing into a beautiful dog, at 9 months, and is moving away from her more puppy-ish looks. She still maintains her puppy attitude but she is more and more capable of mature behavior…if I let her know it’s completely required.


In Other News, the Pair is back together again. Blessing came home mid-December and all went smoothly with her return.

Here’s a brief video of them both as they run off into the sunset together that first day home.

She and Will are working things out and she is now kicking back when he tries to boss her around a bit too much. I did suspect she’d give him a bit more grief than she used to since she is now filled with the confidence of education and strength.

I had two excellent drives with her before the weather turned cold and wet–and I caught a cold. She was steady and perfect at home and Will was quite surprised and a wee bit irked that she knows what he knows! But he had a good drive after seeing that and I am glad to be driving my two horses at home. I will be working out how best to get two drives in each time I drive but I think I’ll be able to manage once I get back into the habit. And I like to try to imagine these two butts together at some point.


On my second drive with Blessing, I brought Lily along for our first “Home Drive”. I fashioned a little “bumper” guard to keep her feet inside the carriage–using zip ties and corrugated plastic–and it worked perfectly, even if it’s not elegant for the turnout.


We are still working out some “wait” issues but she did very well for me and as she matures, she’ll settle down perfectly into her appointed Carriage Dog roll. Doesn’t she look like she knows her work?


So now, my work begins on getting both horses ready for driving. I’m thinking about trying the Pine Hill Driving Trial this spring, to do a dressage test and cones at least. Perhaps I can manage it this year. I have two good horses to choose from and I’m closing in on getting my turnout together. We shall see!!