Lily Goes Into the World

amywink October 15th, 2012


I have been quite remiss in my webpostings this month and it has been a busy month for Lily, who is approaching her 6 month birthday this week. She will be getting a very nice name tag, from Fetching Tags as her birthday present. I fully acknowledge that this is a ridiculously expensive name tag and I honestly can’t believe I decided to order one but, I never found another one that I liked as much, with really deep engraving, and the dog trainer kept emphasizing the importance of a dog name tag. While Lily does carry quite a few identifying tags–Tx Rabies, St. Francis Medal (yeah, yeah), Home Again Plastic House–she did not have one with her name and my phone number. And naturally, as a paranoid-type dog owner, just the thought of Lily running frightened anywhere that I wasn’t is kind of enough to send me into paroxysms of panic and regular nightmares. So after much internal debate, I ordered her tag in the Baby Brass-Medium dewdrop.

In addition to her fancy new tag, Lily has been promoted from Puppy Kindergarten to Level 2, which we attended this Saturday and experienced a complete meltdown because she had to go with another person and watch me work a stranger’s dog…with her treats.

It was So Wrong. SO WRONG.

So, we will be working on Lily’s “frustration management” in the future weeks. It’s not separation anxiety because she will stay calmly at home and she will be calm when I am not in sight. But god forbid, I am in view and she can’t get to me….the hysterionics begin. Since this is part of the Canine Good Citizenship program, we will have to work on her being able to be without me for 5 minutes. Once I saw one of these tests, I knew this would be Lily’s Hardest Thing.

It’s not all frustration though! Lily got to see her Auntie Kristi again, after a long long time (in puppy months) and I am pretty sure she remembered the Great American Dog Trip and knew exactly who her Auntie Kristi was!!


How time flies!!!


While Kristi was here, we took Lily out to eat at La Madelaine, where she had her first public dog outing and did spectacularly well as a bistro dog!!
img_1817.jpg It certainly was fun to have a dog who could be so well behaved in public. After her success at that, I took her with me to the hair salon and she performed very well there too.

Despite her frustration issues, she’s doing spectacularly well as a public “go along” dog.

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