Carriage Dog Lessons

amywink September 2nd, 2012


After some weeks of Puppy Kindergarten, and lots of work on certain commands–up, down, sit, wait, off–we headed down to try out some new applications of these commands: the carriage!!

While she has been on carriages before–and had no issues with them–I wanted to start teaching her how to get on the carriage we regularly drive and also figure out how best to think about driving with her–as in where can this carriage dog sit??

We first worked on getting on and off the back seats. It took a wee bit of effort to get her from the platform to the seat but then it was no trouble at all.


This will be a good location for waiting but she really has to learn to get up front with me and that took a little more work, since it means hopping over the seatback into a smallish spot near the driver’s wedge…but we did get there!


Of course, she can also ride near my feet if I make the bottom of the carriage a little more comfy with a rug or doormat. She certainly would be able to lie down there comfortably.


But if I move the driver’s wedge over to the right–instead of in the middle–she can comfortably lie down in the seat, at least until she gets too big for that.

She did a really terrific job of getting on, moving around, and then, when I said “off”, that’s exactly what she did!


Good dog, Lily!!

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  1. Stevenon 04 Sep 2012 at 1:43 pm

    She’s one smart cookie! That’s cookies, with a lower-case “c!”

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