Perfect Drive

amywink August 12th, 2012


This is the GPS track of a perfect drive. Not in the sense that every move is exactly correct, but in the sense that the entire drive went fabulously well. Though we had to work on getting our diagonals straight, we worked on getting our lines straight. Blessing responded to everything I asked her to do. While she started out not yielding to the right side, when I asked her to pay attention, she did and yielded to the right. While she didn’t appreciate my insistence that she move over ever so slightly to move straight (with a commentary flick of her tail), she moved over to go straight. Though we made a few circles a bit wide, we made a few circles with only a bit wide. Everything was smooth and relaxed and even, calm and peaceful. She responded to my hands and I remained relaxed. I didn’t lose contact, or let my reins get overlong, or forget Francine’s directions. Blessing was a good mare, suddenly mature and confident in her work, but not bossy or fussy. Such a perfect drive.

Here are the progressions of our diagonals.


Then a diagonal and a straight line with a half circle to C and straight down the center line:


Then some circles, in both directions:

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