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Big Day at the Barn

amywink July 30th, 2012


Blessing is turning out to be a gorgeous mare. She has always been very pretty, but now that she is in such excellent condition, she’s really kicked it up a notch–though perhaps “kick” is not the right term for a driving horse. We had an excellent drive on Saturday morning. I am starting her off in the round pen now, to get her warmed up, and harnessing her myself. This makes it clear to her who is in charge and she’s accepting that quite graciously, though her tail has a few things to say when my driving is a bit off. We worked on circles a bit and I need a bit of work on that but we’ll make it. She’s an exceptionally fine drive and I’m glad I’m not starting out with her as my first driving horse. I’ve developed quite a lot in my driving and I’m glad I’m a lot better now than I was when I started driving Will. I am sure he will appreciate my increased skills too whenever we get back to driving.

Lily had a big day at the barn too. She got to spend her waiting time in the dog pen instead of her crate, like a big grown up dog. She did get to spend it with Tex, though, who was Not Happy about not getting to go along! He cried more than she did. Whew.

She also got her second carriage ride, this one on the back of the carriage as we rode along on a lesson for another driver. She did spectacularly well for a young dog, as you can see from her posture here on the back step of the carriage


She did check things out and of course didn’t hold still for the entire ride.img_5629.jpg, especially when her buddy, Tex hopped on board: img_5634.jpg

And after it was all over, she had a little chat with Blessing, who leaned out of her stall to check Lily out.


Glad I had the camera ready. :)