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Routine Maintenance

amywink July 27th, 2012


I’m a person who enjoys a routine and for many years now, my morning routine has been wake early, drink coffee, write emails. It’s a nice slow morning ritual, a delicious rut.

Lily finds it boring.


In fact, she has found several of my routines very dull indeed. She has settled nicely into the Major Routines and understands when I am heading to work–it didn’t take her very long to recognize the “dress shoes” and “work clothes”–and she settles into her crate nicely when I am leaving for a regular class schedule. She enjoys the Saturdays at the Barn with gusto and any trip in the car.

But she really thinks I should Definitely Not sit down at the computer immediately on arriving home from work! Or when I wake up in the morning. She protests quite assertively and she has challenged me to change my routine. . . with vocal commentary and determined feet, which she can place on my lap *or* desk!!

I had tried to explain that this is what I do in the mornings but she is having none of it and has demanded some excitement. So this morning, we ventured outside instead. I took my coffee–which I am not giving up for her!!–and set up her swimming pool (her 14th week birthday pool!) and let her go to town.


She tackled her new toy, the empty cat litter jug, with gusto as well.

And thus my morning routine has shifted. Lily first, email later. So far, so good. After her wild hour of play, she’s resting comfortably under my desk as I write, perfectly happy to take her other work as Writing Dog *after* her work as “Fun Dog” is over.

She’s doing a great job of both.