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One Month

amywink July 14th, 2012


This Saturday is the one month anniversary of Lily’s arrival in my life and she has really changed it. She’s quite the character, full of happiness and humor. She’s learning very swiftly and this week, we had great success with “come” and “down”. The key seems to be organic turkey hotdogs. Now she checks back *just* to see if I wanted her to come back…you know, just in case…just to be attentive… case there’s a bit of hotdog to be had. She has a very enthusiastic “down”, dramatically flopping her front legs down on command. Adorable.

I found myself reading Gun Dog magazine online this week for the excellent articles on training spaniels. They also have very good information about Welsh Springers. Since I am working on her retrieve, the articles were very helpful. While I don’t really plan to have a “gun dog” per say, the articles were very helpful in their approach.

I’ve also been glad of my little “It’s Me or The Dog” addiction because I’ve learned quite a lot about getting what I want out of Lily without any arguments. I’m beginning to wonder if Puppy Kindergarten might be pointless by the time we get there. We’ll see. I’ve been cautioned against going too soon to avoid exposure to diseases. I’m fine with that because a sick puppy is just not an experience I need right now! Instead, we are working at home in the yard and inside and getting quite a few things accomplished. And having a good time doing it. She weighed in a 17 lbs this week at the vet’s, where she is very very very popular and where she works her wiggly magic on everyone.


This week, I did have a driving lesson with Blessing and my coach this time was Francine. She’s whipping me back into shape again and getting me ready for driving Blessing on my own. I got to harness her this week and start out with her. We did pretty well and eventually got our straight lines really well. I could tell because the dew revealed my delightfully wavy tracks as we went around the arena. She seems very mature all of a sudden, though she is approaching her 5th birthday (October) and she has been in training a long time. I’m extremely pleased with her and continue to enjoy developing our relationship. I’m going to take a break from the riding lessons for a while to refocus on my driving. It’s a good time since the heat is getting bad and getting a drive in seems more important than getting a ride in at this point.

I am working to create some kind of reasonable schedule for everything but July seems to be a month that just is not going to let that happen. I will have to just let things work out and hope some reasonable pattern emerges.