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Charming Lily

amywink June 25th, 2012


Lily turned it on today to work out her relationship with Cookie, who had some….personal issues with sharing me with another dog. It’s not surprising, since she has always assumed I come visit her when I come to Taipan Station. But Lily figured things out pretty swiftly and let Cookie set the pace of things. When Cookie decided to be a terrible host, Lily just decided she could lie down and go right to sleep while Cookie worked it out.

Cookie was a motivating factor in selecting the Welsh Springer since I knew whatever dog I had would have to contend with the Jack Russell Terrorist at Taipan Station. While she’s a great dog and I completely love her, she is, as her name implies, a Jack Russell, and her cuteness only belies her terrier nature, which erupts with hardly any provocation. Those who know Jack Russells are keenly aware….and those who do not….well, don’t believe the false advertising. Great dogs….but great little killers who need to run and run and run.

See? Does this dog not say “who me?”

Still, Lily was perfectly brilliant in her approach and Cookie got the attention she needed while learning that she was not the only dog to have a place in my heart.

Cookie was not our only canine encounter yesterday. Our long awaited meeting between her the Basenjis of Barton Hills, Kate and Pona, took place in the scorching late afternoon heat.

Pona approached cautiously but Lily knew her stuff and soon, he was approaching over and over again. He’s a shy dog but kept coming back to check out the new arrival.

Kate was bolder but also more bored after the initial encounter.


Steven has posted more photos on his Flickr stream, including this lovely one of Kate and Lily and this one of Pona and Lily which deftly captures Pona’s expression about the entire meeting.

And of course, the meeting wasn’t just for the dogs. Lily has two huge fans now in Steven and Jeff.


She had a great time with her visit and collapsed as soon as we got in the car to go home. Good dog, Lily.