Dog Day at FD Training Stables

amywink June 23rd, 2012


Since Francine and Malen had been watching for “Lily” from the womb, so to speak, it was with great excitement that she made her first foray down to FD Training Stables today where she was greeted VERY enthusiastically. First by the dogs, then by the people, and even Blessing was intrigued.

Tex was wildly excited–as expected–and Lily now thinks of him as her new best friend.img_5407.jpg

Blessing was certainly curious and seemed to think Lily was acceptable–at least in theory. Lily will not be allowed to be around Blessing in the pasture because she doesn’t have nice manners with loose dogs.


Lily also got her first carriage ride, and she did spectacularly well!! Not a hint of discomfort or fear or anything–even though Blessing was somewhat naughty.


So, she passes her tests with flying colors and I have a great writing/carriage dog off to a brilliant start of her dual careers!

Tomorrow we plan to meet some new dogs including Cookie, the Jack Russell, who rules the roost at Taipan Station, and the Basenjis of Barton Hills.

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  1. Ellenon 26 Jun 2012 at 8:45 pm

    You & Lily have given me “puppy fever!”

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