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Life with Lily

amywink June 22nd, 2012


It has been nearly twenty years since I had a puppy and in that twenty years, I have learned more about being a good dog trainer, being a good dog owner, and assimilating a new animal into my life. Whether this has made Lily easier for me to work with, or whether all of my research paid off spectacularly well, she is settling into nicely and has already become my dog. It is probably not an either or question, but a combination of everything from breed to owner–including the very very good breeders at Avedonn’s Welsh Springer Spaniels in Ohio, who took the kind of care and attention it takes to make a Great Dog have a great start. I am completely smitten with her adoring spaniel eyes.

Lily knows her name singularly well–though I can tell she has also started to ignore me when something smells really fascinating. She is working her magic with the cats and Phoebe has come very close to a play maneuver. Henry has come out from under the furniture and is staying put when she approaches and often can be seen observing from a respectful height. So this is progress and I suspect in the next week, or so, the cats will have decided I did, in fact, bring them a new toy.

Lily is also learning fast about “outside” and has enjoyed looking out the windows, even sitting at the front door to tell me she needs to go outside. She has learned to sleep in the crate all night–so the cats can have their bed–as well as when I go to class or to run errands. She does try a little howling but her stamina for that is no where *near* the hounds I have known. whew.

This week, we also went to our vet and Lily charmed everyone there with her calm, sweet demeanor–they didn’t get to see Wild Racing Spaniel which she does in the backyard.

Lily’s social calender is booked through the weekend and we will be visiting horses in two places, meeting new (and vaccinated) dogs, including a set of somewhat famous Basenjis here in Austin. I am trying to balance her safety within the window of maximum socialization period of 12 weeks. We will, of course, not be visiting any dog parks or puppy classes until she has completed her vaccination schedule, but her trips to my “safe zones” are set for her to encounter new things that will be part of her life with me.

Expect photos from all her adventures!