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Day Three: Great American Dog Trip

amywink June 16th, 2012


It’s our first day with Lily and she’s been a trooper! We picked her up this morning and I got the New Owner Packet from Eva and Donna–and tons of extras. She was the first puppy to head to her new home and we packed up and headed out about 9:15 EST. It took her a few minutes to get with the program but once she did, she was spectacular. Outside the car, she got right down to business, and inside she went right off to sleep. And she did that for our day’s return to Nashville. We drove through Ohio, Kentucky, and some of Tennessee before stopping this evening.

She was most impressive when we were out for a little walkies in KY and a slew of bikers roared up. She looked at the loud bikes and thought they were quite interesting!!


Tomorrow, we’re back on the road to Houston and then Monday, I head home to Austin and my changed life.

Day Two: Great American Dog Trip

amywink June 16th, 2012


It must be a State Law in Kentucky that all farms along the highways be as picturesque as possible! We drove out of Tennessee, through Kentucky, and on to Ohio yesterday, reaching Cleveland about 5 in the afternoon (eastern time). This gave us plenty of time for dinner and rest before we went to meet the litter of puppies.

And here she is:


She is absolutely perfect and when I picked her up, she melted against my shoulder and passed her “smooch test” with flying colors. We will have NO trouble loving her.

We will pick her up this morning and turn our heads back toward Texas for our trip home.