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Day One: Great American Dog Trip

amywink June 15th, 2012


Lily’s bunny is headed to meet her! We left Houston yesterday morning and had a long day’s drive to Nashville. We had a good stop at Marshall, a bit longer than I had hoped but I had to pick a dog bowl:


I picked the smaller size. If she outgrows it, I’ll do something else with it!

After that, it was no stopping except for bathroom breaks and dining….and the long twenty minutes of sitting in a long line of traffic on I-40 in Arkansas. Stopped. Totally Stopped. It felt like an age……tick, tick, tick.

Eventually we got rolling again and we also decided to choose the State DOT recommended alternate route on Sunday. Yeesh.

But we made it to Tennessee and crossed the Mississippi River about 4:30img_0350.jpg


After Memphis, it was long drive downhill to Nashville. Really downhill. I need to check the topographical map but it was pretty clear we were heading down into the Tennessee Valley. It was a gorgeous drive but we didn’t get to the hotel until much later than we had hoped. But we are safe and more than halfway to Ava, who will become Avedonn’s Lone Star Lily–”Lily” if the name fits her when we arrive. Since Ava Gardner was in The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, as Lillie Langtry, and she was also in a movie called Lone Star, with Clark Gable (reviews say it’s awful), the name seems to work with the “movie star” litter. I am hoping “Lily” does fit but we shall see and act accordingly if it’s not right!

Next stop: Cleveland!