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Golden Tickets

amywink June 11th, 2012


This morning while I was cleaning out my travel backpack, I came across the ticket for last year’s Reliant Park Dog Show in Houston. Little did I know what a golden ticket it was when I bought it.

For several years, I have gone with BFF Kristi for summer entertainment. We love watching the confirmation and the agility as well as cruising around looking at dog stuff. It’s always been an enjoyable experience and an educational one. For the last two years, I’ve gone specifically for researching breeds. in 2010, I was keenly interested in the Irish Terrier but was not ready for the commitment. I let the Irish Terrier marinate a bit and by 2011, I knew something was keeping me from the breed. I liked everything about them but something….something….kept me from pursuing the breed to reality, though I looked at many a website, reviewed a lot of material on the Irish Terrier discussion boards, researched specific breeders in the Houston area. Perhaps I wasn’t up for the terrierness or perhaps the whiskery face reminded me too much (and unfairly) of other dogs who could not be replicated. I’d met an Irish Terrier up close and had really liked her quite well. But something kept me at a distance and that’s not a sign of the Right Dog.

So I started over, reviewing my needs and desires, considering what my expectations were, what I could live with, what was a deal-breaker. And many of my needs had changed and developed. I had more things to consider–including two young cats who had looooooooooved their Giant Schnauzer buddy (a rare rare cat loving–and not for dinner– Giant, I understand) I did a lot of online dog breed selectors. Only one, and I can’t remember which one, popped out with Welsh Springer Spaniel. One suggested the Bichon Frise. . . oh, SO wrong!

Because I was unfamiliar with the breed, I needed to do a lot of research but because they are relatively rare in the US–English Springers and Cockers are much more popular! And Brittany’s more well known too– it was difficult to track down more than the most generic material. I did find a couple of books that thought they had a Welsh Springer to show but since the breed is “red and white” and the photo was of a tri-color spaniel, I doubted it–and was irked by it too. Just because you say something is one thing, it doesn’t mean that it’s so.

But luckily, the Houston Dog Show was coming around again and I would have a chance to watch the Welshies in the ring. So in the middle of our hottest summer ever, in the middle of our terrible drought, we headed inside to the Houston Dog Show to watch the Welshies and the other dogs show off.

Something hit right on target, a big red and white target.

Who would have thought…a spaniel….

But who could resist this: