Puppies and Ponies

amywink May 28th, 2012


Happy Memorial Day. It’s been a great summer week as far as puppies and ponies go.

This week, one giant duck , my summer teaching schedule, landed and settled herself into the row and the Great American Dog Trip is on! There’s one more duck out there but it won’t land until we actually leave, so I’m just going ahead as if it will land and I really think it will. Meanwhile, we are planning and scheduling getting ready for the trip–all very exciting. We are hoping to be under a pile of puppies some times the weekend of June 16-17. Our commitment gets stronger when we see these faces:


Sweet puppies, we are coming!!

Home preparations also continue and I am cleaning the giant dog crate Lady used and getting it prepped to come inside. It’s a lot larger than I actually need but it seemed silly to buy a new crate when I had a perfectly good one sitting in the garage. It is going to get a good cleaning and possible, if my test works, a nice new paint job. I’ve been checking out Rustoleum options and prepping slowly and carefully. We’ll see how it goes!

I think Lady would approve too as her memorial “Dark Lady” rose suggests:

With all the puppy excitement, I also have the ponies to play with. I had a really great riding lesson Saturday morning, working specifically on my hand position and making my hands lighter. After riding Will last weekend, I also had some questions regarding him and my saddle position–the answers to which i was able to apply when I rode Will on Sunday (more on that in a minute). It is warming up in the morning so next week, we’ll move to the Summer program and start earlier in the day, driving Blessing before the riding lesson starts. I’m ready for it as the sun does beat down after 10 these days.

Blessing, as wonderful as she was last week, decided to be a total SmartyPants this week and ignore the bit, toss her head, and speed around the arena as if she were Formula 1 Morgan. So, I didn’t drive her, just rode along and watched her antics. I also got off and took some video, which I will be working to improve on doing so no one gets seasick watching them! I also need to figure out how to post them.

Still, I got this nice shot of her and it’s a good thing you can’t see how mad her face looked. She was NOT happy.


She’ll probably think about the difficult lesson and do much better next week.

So that was the Bad Pony. I saw Good Pony on Sunday when i went to visit Will and try another ride. Malen had suggested trying a thinner saddle pad to improve saddle fit so I pulled out my blue dressage pad and dusted it off for our ride. I also placed the saddle a bit better, further forward than I had last week. Both those changes made a positive difference in our ride, which went very very well. We worked on steering since I wanted to get more balanced in the saddle and make sure he knew what I was asking–and that I was actually asking for what he was doing, not just wobbling about and sending mixed signals! We did pretty well and he is very comfortable to ride–as I recall from our beginnings. I was also able to mount quietly, which had been, a long time ago, a problem. But he is older now, I am better, he is calmer, and we did well from the start. While Blessing has his harness, and soon his carriage, I will be riding Will and hope to keep improving our work together. We will be working up to a trot as soon as I feel confident in my ability to give him the correct signals.

He was my very very good and handsome boy yesterday.


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  1. Stevenon 29 May 2012 at 2:19 pm

    Such great photos — especially of grumpy Blessing and handsome Will. So glad the Great American Dog Trip will pan out!

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