amywink May 20th, 2012


Ah, summertime. The spring semester ended this week and I fell happily into my summer. Yes, I know it’s really spring and summer will be in June but for now, I am not in school and that’s summer time. Besides, starting next week, I’ll be back to teaching in the summer session so I’m enjoying my summer as I can.

It has been a big week. I drove Blessing again Friday, our third drive, and it was quite an enjoyable experience (no photos, I was driving!). She’s a character for sure and it’s very interesting to drive her after driving Will for so long. She’s very light and responsive, except when she decides not to respond, particularly when I ask her to turn. We’ve moved to a french link snaffle and she’s doing very well with it. I will have to spend some time with some catalogs and see about getting another so I can have my riding bridle back for use–and all of this bit talk has led to some ideas for changing Will’s driving bit as well, as I discovered it was actually far larger than he needs.

I will have to learn Blessing’s style, so to speak, since some of the things I do with Will do not work the same for her yet. She does wiggle about in the harness still and it is hard to keep her going straight as she positions her body oddly while moving forward. She also likes to look about a bit and survey the scenery while we trot around the dressage arena and if she doesn’t exactly like what you’ve suggested, she has a little huffy snit which involves a bit of ear twitching, tail swishing and some head tossing…’s very reminiscent of a teenage girl. Her downward transitions are still a work in progress as she rather likes to jam on the brakes when you ask, sitting back fairly hard on the breeching, but she does stop when I ask her to and starts up again nicely, and stops again. This was Will’s challenge so it’s good to have a horse who is more enthusiastic about braking than he was at this stage of the game. It will be very interesting to drive them as a pair. Very very interesting.

Since the barn was closed Saturday for a Andalusian event elsewhere, I took my riding lesson on Sunday. A self-study at home, so to speak.
I rode Will, for the first time in about 6 years. Since my riding lessons started, I’ve been gaining confidence and ability and I thought it might be a good time to try things out and see how far I had come in my Do-Over.

All went very well. Very well. No fireworks (not really expected) on his part, and no unexploded bombs on mine (which was possible), so whew. We spent all of our time walking and working on turning and getting comfortable with me in the saddle. And yes, Lisa took photos.


We look quite respectable, I think. My lessons will continue and so will my homework but for now, I’m very pleased about my own progress.

On other fronts, the Great American Dog Trip edges closer, less than 4 weeks, and I am making more and more plans. The puppies hit their 4 week birthday this week and the photos I’m getting are heartache-ingly enticing. I just have to hope those last two ducks get on board with this trip and soon.


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