The Great American Dog Trip

amywink May 5th, 2012

So much can happen in a week and sometimes a simple question leads to an entirely new adventure on the horizon.

It has been a big week on the Carriage Dog/Writing Dog front. I returned my contract and deposit, an experience that cemented the reality of the forthcoming puppy. With the firm commitment made, I needed to think forward toward the new arrival. After being happily inundated with photos like this one:


and this one:


I began to consider how I’d be getting my puppy home from Cleveland. The plan had always been to arrange his/her arrival through another Welshie breeder in Houston and that would likely happen in late June…..late June….laaaaaaaaate June….

Okay….could I wait that long……to see this:


So, thinking that late June seemed…well, late, but pretty sure the answer was no, and not fully on board myself with the idea, I inquired of BFF Kristi whether she’d consider a Crazy Road Trip to Cleveland, Ohio.

Her answer was not no. She was, in fact, pretty engaged in considering it. We did a little discussing and I began staring at maps.

For a person not completely into her own idea, I sure stared at a lot of maps….and plugged in a lot of routes….and thought of a lot of details and got every duck I could lined up in an amazingly neat, and surprisingly swift, row….a row that looks a lot like this:


Thus was born the Great American Dog Trip (thus brilliantly named by BFF Kristi).

There are two Major Ducks still circling the starting point of this journey but I don’t control those ducks and I have to wait until they decide to land.

But for now, Plan A: Drive to Cleveland.

I do have a Plan B and also a Plan C if those ducks don’t decide to land. And when I think of the Level of Crazy this might reach, I remind myself that for over a year, I drove 115 miles to take a one hour driving lesson and drove 115 miles home….and for one summer, I did that two or three times a week. That was Much More Crazy but it was a he** of a lot of fun.

2 Responses to “The Great American Dog Trip”

  1. Stevenon 07 May 2012 at 9:28 am

    How exciting is this? I hope you take picture and post along the way. I’ve done much of this route myself a few times — the leg between Texarkana and Columbus is the exact one that Joel and I followed on a spring break nearly 20 years ago!

    Don’t wait. Go! Go! Go!

  2. ellenon 17 May 2012 at 6:53 am


    We are only 60 or 70 miles from Memphis! :-)

    Come see us!

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