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Blithe Spirit

amywink April 22nd, 2012


My Blithe Spirit rose burst into exuberant bloom this week, just a month after planting the bare root that arrived from David Austin. I’ve counted 16 buds on the plant, though it’s less than a foot tall as of yet! So far, it’s a perfect representative of my little Tristan and the bloom timing is a nice sign about the coming puppy. I am pouring over the photos of the litter, deciphering the markings to see who is who. I am likely driving the breeders nuts with my curiosity but I am enjoying the puppies so much. The red patches will darken as the puppies grow and apparently the freckles appear later, like a dalmatian’s spots. While there is no telling the personalities now and I know I need to wait for the selection and evaluation process, I find myself drawn to a particular pup who I will keep in my sights as the entire litter grows. It’s perfectly silly to attach anything to one at this point….and yet . . .

But out of this pile of spots, I will certainly find the one that’s perfect, even though it will clearly be an arduous chore. hahahaha.


It’s not just Puppy Week though, I had a great riding lesson on Saturday and look, I can ride a circle!! I can ride a circle!!!


That was, however, after a long extended argument with Dol, who had decided she could totally ignore my leg and hands and cut her corners short and counterbend in the process. It was not pretty. So, we worked on that A LOT and I was pretty well worn out by the end of the lesson but we had come to a begrudging d├ętente in which she conceded to my demands and I rewarded her concessions with a cookie, as I wobbled around on noodle-y legs!! I felt like I’d been in weight training for the hour!

And I was really ready for a carriage ride-along! Blessing did very well and seems quite fine in windy weather–several weekends in a row now have been blustery and she remains unbothered, though her beautiful mane is mussed!