The Do Over: Update

amywink April 9th, 2012


Wildflowers are in full swing this year, a wonderful sight and evidence of the ended drought in Caldwell County. Will has been having a relaxed spring but we got back to work yesterday with my newest goal: ride. After some recommendations from Francine, I’m moving forward to see what he remembers from his riding days, some 6 years ago now. I had a huge triumph with Saturday’s riding lesson. I rode outside for the first time! And I had a great time! Moving out of the enclosed arena, and the very controlled environment, could have triggered a set back but the experience was a resounding success. I rode the entire dressage field, which I am used to driving, and was able get Dol collected and steered correctly. My obsession with driving straight lines (and yes, circles) paid off and I was able to do a pretty decent straight line as well. Next time, I may strap on that GPS and see what a riding lesson looks like!

Because of Saturday’s triumph and with the recommendations for seeing what Will remembers, I saddled him up on Sunday and lunged him at all 3 gaits to see what might happen. Nothing happened. Whew. He walked well, trotted well, and trotted *very fast* well though I asked him to canter. He eventually oooooomphed into the canter with a little heave (not really a buck) and did reasonably well too. Of course, it was clear that his off time had caught up to him and he was more than a wee bit out of shape. We’ll be doing some lunge work to get him back in shape and improve his topline. After our lunge work, I harnessed him up for a nice short drive too and we enjoyed Easter Sunday together in the spirit of renewal and rebirth.

Blessing continues to impress in her training and looks wonderfully fit and completely gorgeous.


She’s looking at a miniature horse here and getting ready to show her stuff. Somehow, though, she’s taken on her brother’s forelock and clearly needs a bit of product to get that unruly thing under control!

Of course, in harness, the forelock is not important and she showed her stuff on the dressage field. As usual, every week, she’s more and more confident in her work and looks fantastic.


She is still concerned about unusual things but her response is relatively calm as she gets a bit taller and looks hard at any concern. Here, she’s noticing a person walking down to the dressage field, still pretty and working but cautious.


But after checking things out, she got back to work and did her job very well.


I had another ride along, though no photos because of the jiggling, and can’t wait to get into the driver’s seat for a test drive. It may be a while still, since she’s just 3 weeks into her carriage work. She looks so good, it’s hard to remember she’s only beginning.

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  1. Stevenon 09 Apr 2012 at 7:40 am

    All of these photos make me so happy. Such beautiful creatures! And so nice to seem them in a green world rather than in a scorched, post-apocalyptic wasteland.

  2. Ellenon 11 Apr 2012 at 9:14 am



    Did you ride Will, or just drive?

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