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Frosting on the Happiness Sundae

amywink April 30th, 2012

And if that wasn’t enough, Eva sent this photo in the afternoon:


Puppies are opening their eyes!!!

Wow Oh Wow: Part 2

amywink April 30th, 2012

So, just how could the day get any better you ask? Let me *tell* you, it can!

After the ride out and back, I took care of Ms. Dol and got myself out of my sweaty riding tights and into comfy shorts to watch Blessing impress me again, as always. Had I *known* what was about to take place, I might have chosen another color of shirt and some spray on tan for my fluorescent legs. First, Francine asked for the camera as I rode along behind as Malen drove Blessing around the dressage field.


Doesn’t she look lovely? What a gorgeous girl she is.

We stopped for photos and Francine helped get her ears forward so she looked lovely.


Then Francine said “you’re going to drive her now” WOWEEEOHWOWEEE!!!

And so, I did!!

She’s fabulously light and turns with the slightest squeeze of the rein. Her contact with the bit is very light as well but she’s still learning to carry it consistently. If she bobs her head, or snorts a fly away, she loses contact so it’s like losing steering for a few minutes. She does, however come back to the bit and pays attention. She’s going to make me a much better driver, that’s for sure, and I am very glad I know a lot more now than I did when I started driving Will. She is likely to have no patience with my ineptitude. But we did well and I loved driving her. I can’t wait until next time.


Wow Oh Wow: Part 1

amywink April 30th, 2012

What a fantastic weekend I have had.

First of all, after dragging myself out of bed and getting a very very slow start on Saturday morning (school finishes next week….I hope I make it), I headed down for my 12th riding lesson. Really, I was so tired that if Malen had said “no riding today.” I’d have said “Great!” but in the way of things, that was not to be and I am so glad! As hard as it is to believe that exercise is a cure for exhaustion, time and again, I find this to be true and Saturday was no exception. Once I was mounted, I did find a supply of energy for the day’s lesson and boy, what a great lesson it was.

Since Steven sent me a link about bicyclists using their GPS to create “drawings”, I made sure my GPS was strapped to my leg. Since we have no street maps, I prefer to think of our “work” as abstract instead of realistic, as you can see from this rendering of the entire riding lesson:


And yet there is a sense of design once we move toward the dressage fieldpicture-4.jpg Something reminiscent of Van Gogh’s swirling paint strokes perhaps? Perhaps not.

There are elements of our design which I was very very proud, however, as proud as I was of my ridden circle (and also done at a posting trot!). Here is our small serpentine, ridden in the middle of the 20 meter cone markers, so like a weaving….or perhaps a knitting (Steven?)


Then the broader serpentine which involved straight lines and quarter turns


And on to the Figure 8, which I bobbled a bit on at the intersection circles:


Of course we also worked on the straight line here, which I was very proud of–straight lines being difficult to execute.


But here is my favorite part. This drawing represents yet another major accomplishment in my Riding Recovery.


Just like my first ride back to the barn alone, this is the map of my first “trail” ride off the dressage field. It might look pretty simple but this involved going up and down slopes and riding along the edge of two separate stock tanks–one side water (no big deal) the other…..drop off (giant big hairy scary deal). And yet, it turned out to be also No Big Deal. Mission Accomplished.

All of that would have been enough to call the day a great one but it was only the Tip of the Iceberg!!… be continued….

Will Remembers

amywink April 23rd, 2012

Will is not getting ignored during this time. Sunday, I saddled him up for the second time to check his memory again. He remembers just fine.

And isn’t he cute?


Blithe Spirit

amywink April 22nd, 2012


My Blithe Spirit rose burst into exuberant bloom this week, just a month after planting the bare root that arrived from David Austin. I’ve counted 16 buds on the plant, though it’s less than a foot tall as of yet! So far, it’s a perfect representative of my little Tristan and the bloom timing is a nice sign about the coming puppy. I am pouring over the photos of the litter, deciphering the markings to see who is who. I am likely driving the breeders nuts with my curiosity but I am enjoying the puppies so much. The red patches will darken as the puppies grow and apparently the freckles appear later, like a dalmatian’s spots. While there is no telling the personalities now and I know I need to wait for the selection and evaluation process, I find myself drawn to a particular pup who I will keep in my sights as the entire litter grows. It’s perfectly silly to attach anything to one at this point….and yet . . .

But out of this pile of spots, I will certainly find the one that’s perfect, even though it will clearly be an arduous chore. hahahaha.


It’s not just Puppy Week though, I had a great riding lesson on Saturday and look, I can ride a circle!! I can ride a circle!!!


That was, however, after a long extended argument with Dol, who had decided she could totally ignore my leg and hands and cut her corners short and counterbend in the process. It was not pretty. So, we worked on that A LOT and I was pretty well worn out by the end of the lesson but we had come to a begrudging d├ętente in which she conceded to my demands and I rewarded her concessions with a cookie, as I wobbled around on noodle-y legs!! I felt like I’d been in weight training for the hour!

And I was really ready for a carriage ride-along! Blessing did very well and seems quite fine in windy weather–several weekends in a row now have been blustery and she remains unbothered, though her beautiful mane is mussed!


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