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Writing Dogs

amywink March 23rd, 2012

I have been without a writing dog for exactly a year. Lady, the Giant Schnauzer who shared then assumed Tristan’s revered position after his passing March 9, 2010, died a year ago yesterday. March, the transitional month.

Early in the month, I determined to order the roses I had planned to plant in remembrance of the two dogs. The drought had put those roses on hold last year but I had selected to David Austin Roses last year and had simply waited until the timing was right for the roses to be shipped in February. I selected for Tristan, my Bonnie Wee Blithe Heart, the Blythe Spirit Rose, and for Lady, The Dark Lady, of Shakespearean fame. I sent my order in and waited.

Meanwhile, as I have been focusing on Blessing and her training, the dogs, and perhaps even Taipan, the surrogate, have been at work on the other side, moving my next writing dog into being. After a long period of thoughtful research and deep contemplation, a year, I had determined that Welsh Springer Spaniels met my needs/desires most completely (must love cats and people, be a carriage/writing dog) and I set about to make sure of that, attending the Houston Dog Show last summer, contacting a competitor/breeder via the dog show catalog, and slowly, slowly investigating the breed. I spent a great deal of time agonizing about the decision, as if I were Isabel Dalhousie . But I found my way to help very easily even as I dithered. Cindy Rhine, of Bartay’s Gordon Setters and Welsh Springers, was instrumental helping me with my decision. I planned the timing carefully, hoping for a 2012 summer puppy.

A week after I ordered my roses, I was speaking with Eva Svabo and Donna Weber of Avedonn Welsh Springers (website coming soon!) and on their wait list for a puppy, due to arrive in April. That very night, my roses were delivered. I felt the dogs were with me. Over Spring Break, I planted the roses, making sure they could be seen from my writing cottage windows so when I am at my desk at work, I will see the memorial blooms. I spent some time in my cottage clearing out and cleaning up as well. Time without my writing dog has corresponded curiously, or perhaps not so curiously, to a time without writing.

Clearly one needs a companion to head into the unknown territory of the blank page.

Now after a long wait, my puppy cometh.

Avedonn Welsh awaits the arrival of a litter from Lucy (Statesman’s Super Model)

and Filson (Trystyn’s Blue Rodeo)

So sometime in April, I’m hoping to see a scene like this one:

and eventually have an adorable companion like Alicealicewill.jpg