Spring Break!

amywink March 13th, 2012

I’m slow on posting this week because it’s spring break and after a soggy, soggy week last week, I am out enjoying the sunshine as much as possible. I hope to get an extra drive in mid-week but we’ll have to see because the pastures are currently swamps. On Saturday morning, I had watched Blessing show off her new skills in the darkened arena. The cloud cover and cold made the lighting very challenging for the camera and I don’t have too many good shots of her. The weather also delayed her introduction to the carriage but she did have a successful introduction to the driving bridle with blinders and her breeching. These photos are altered somewhat on iPhoto to help with the underexposure issues but at least we can sort of tell what she looks like–almost a proper driving horse!


Malen reports that she had some kicky reactions to the breeching but nothing unexpected. I could tell she’s still working out how to work in the blinders when she can’t really see Malen all the time but she is doing very well and I am pleased with her progress. Francine reports that Blessing’s attitude really changes when I come to visit her and I have to say she does seem to try to show off her skills when Malen works her for me. She often seems to be thinking “Are you watching me? See what I know! Are you looking?”, and looks to see if I am watching at her–more obviously now with the blinders. And of course, I am watching her and tell her I’m quite impressed and she’s doing very well–how’s that for anthropomorphizing? ;)

I did get one very humorous photo out of last weekend’s visit, a little photo I like to call “NightMare”


I will hope for better lighting this week!

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