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Ride and Drive

amywink January 19th, 2012

Last week, we had a HOTMHC meeting in Bastrop and decided on the date for the 2012 Show: April 21. So, we have 3 months to prepare! Lisa thinks I need to enter a riding class, walk/trot. “We’ll see” is my basic approach. I do intend to think about it and work toward that possibility and to that end, this past weekend, Will tried on some old duds to see how they fit.


This week, we’ll try the riding bridle again to see what he thinks about being able to look around more. He hasn’t been ridden since 2007 or so but he seemed to remember his saddle just fine.

Our drive went fine as well and we’ve added a new element to our training, a passenger and her horse! Since Lisa is recovering from wrist surgery, she decided to ride along and pony Windy to keep her in condition while she herself recovers from surgery. Windy seemed to enjoy the outing and Will did too, though he wasn’t always sure she was close by. I did let him look around several times to see her and I got a quick shot of her as we stopped to visit Popeye and Kid in the back pasture.