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The Do-Over

amywink January 8th, 2012

The first week of 2012 has been dedicated to my own personal Do-Over. The last time I tried riding, it didn’t work out like I’d hoped. I can’t even put my finger on exactly why except to say I never could get comfortable or confident and I had a lot of background noise in my life at the time. So I hung up my saddle and started in on driving.

Which I LOVED.

I spent several years learning and improving my skills so I could be comfortable and confident. I went about learning to drive very differently, always in an extremely controlled and safe environment (Thank you, Tom O’Carroll) and then I kicked it up a notch with my move to Taipan Station. It never really bothered me much that I’d left riding behind.


But apparently, it was back there, like a little dust mote you can’t sweep up, floating around in those corner recesses. When I saw Blessing saddled up and looking unbelievably adorable, that dust mote of desire floated right out into the center of my mind.

what to do, what to do…. dither, dither, fret, fret, fret….

Well, duh, schedule a riding lesson–which is what Lisa pointed out I should do–instead of fretting about it. And so, I did.

Yesterday, I had my first real riding lesson since I was a 4th grader. Gee, how time flies.img_3254.jpg

It was FABULOUS. FAB-U-LOUS. Best. Do-Over. Ever.

I could not stop grinning. All my driving training had made a difference and though it took me some time to get my balance right, I was able to post the trot and stay on. Which was my entire goal: stay on.

So my little Blessing will proceed with her training to become a Ride *and* Drive mare.


This week, Malen rode her in a dressage saddle.


While she is still learning her directions, she’s doing really well.img_3233.jpg

While she’s in training, I’ll take some more riding lessons and hopefully, we’ll be able to meet each other down the road a bit.