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Water, water everywhere….

amywink January 30th, 2012

After this past week’s deluge, we didn’t drive this weekend but instead walked the back pasture to look at the damage. A “sometimes” creek meanders through the east side of Lisa and Benjy’s property but after 6+ inches of rain (the rain gauge filled to overflowing at 6 inches) the creek became a raging torrent that probably spread 30 to 40 yards wide and who knows how deep and fast. The debris ripped through the barbed wire fence, taking down three stakes and opening the pasture for the neighbors cows. The horses, Kid and Popeye had been removed from the pasture that night so they spent their night safely in the “front” pastures while Will and Windy stayed in their stalls.

Despite the damage, we are all thrilled. The tanks are completely filled and water, water everywhere, and *every* drop to drink!

This large tank was down 20 -30 feet before the rains.


Here’s “our” side of the fence line–note the debris against the fence, stacked probably 2 or 3 feet high.


And “their side”


This is the northern side of the pasture, on the other end of the creek, where more debris piled up against the trees.


And this is the San Marcos river as it flows through Luling at Zedler’s Mill


100 Hour Pin!!!

amywink January 26th, 2012

I got my pin today!!! Whoohooo!!!!


Little Dressage Princess

amywink January 24th, 2012


Blessing continues to blossom in training and is turning into quite the little dressage princess. Though she has expressed Certain Opinions with her elegant tail, she remains fairly willing her education. Here she is after a difficult side-pass (moving to the side while remaining straight) img_3423.jpg While it certainly must be a challenge to figure out where all four legs must go at the same time, she is figuring stuff out with only a little display of ire.

Generally, she’s doing extremely well and I can see excellent progress on her part. Will may not recognize his little sister once she graduates!

Ride and Drive

amywink January 19th, 2012

Last week, we had a HOTMHC meeting in Bastrop and decided on the date for the 2012 Show: April 21. So, we have 3 months to prepare! Lisa thinks I need to enter a riding class, walk/trot. “We’ll see” is my basic approach. I do intend to think about it and work toward that possibility and to that end, this past weekend, Will tried on some old duds to see how they fit.


This week, we’ll try the riding bridle again to see what he thinks about being able to look around more. He hasn’t been ridden since 2007 or so but he seemed to remember his saddle just fine.

Our drive went fine as well and we’ve added a new element to our training, a passenger and her horse! Since Lisa is recovering from wrist surgery, she decided to ride along and pony Windy to keep her in condition while she herself recovers from surgery. Windy seemed to enjoy the outing and Will did too, though he wasn’t always sure she was close by. I did let him look around several times to see her and I got a quick shot of her as we stopped to visit Popeye and Kid in the back pasture.


The Do-Over

amywink January 8th, 2012

The first week of 2012 has been dedicated to my own personal Do-Over. The last time I tried riding, it didn’t work out like I’d hoped. I can’t even put my finger on exactly why except to say I never could get comfortable or confident and I had a lot of background noise in my life at the time. So I hung up my saddle and started in on driving.

Which I LOVED.

I spent several years learning and improving my skills so I could be comfortable and confident. I went about learning to drive very differently, always in an extremely controlled and safe environment (Thank you, Tom O’Carroll) and then I kicked it up a notch with my move to Taipan Station. It never really bothered me much that I’d left riding behind.


But apparently, it was back there, like a little dust mote you can’t sweep up, floating around in those corner recesses. When I saw Blessing saddled up and looking unbelievably adorable, that dust mote of desire floated right out into the center of my mind.

what to do, what to do…. dither, dither, fret, fret, fret….

Well, duh, schedule a riding lesson–which is what Lisa pointed out I should do–instead of fretting about it. And so, I did.

Yesterday, I had my first real riding lesson since I was a 4th grader. Gee, how time flies.img_3254.jpg

It was FABULOUS. FAB-U-LOUS. Best. Do-Over. Ever.

I could not stop grinning. All my driving training had made a difference and though it took me some time to get my balance right, I was able to post the trot and stay on. Which was my entire goal: stay on.

So my little Blessing will proceed with her training to become a Ride *and* Drive mare.


This week, Malen rode her in a dressage saddle.


While she is still learning her directions, she’s doing really well.img_3233.jpg

While she’s in training, I’ll take some more riding lessons and hopefully, we’ll be able to meet each other down the road a bit.

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