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Blessing’s 1st Week of School

amywink November 20th, 2011


Saturdays are visiting days at Francine’s so yesterday I went to visit my girl and see how she’d progressed in her first week. The reports had been good–she can now lunge in *both* directions– and I was pleased to see her relaxed and happy when I got there. She’s made friends with her stall neighbor and was also happy to see me when I arrived. We spent some time bonding and she got her throat latch scratched a lot–apparently, training makes a pony itchy. And after a bit, Malen brought her out and showed me what she’d learned during the week. The photos aren’t great because the lighting is difficult to manage at the round pen but here she is, trotting both directions!


But school isn’t all trotting in circles. Blessing has lots of other important grown-up horse stuff to learn and some of it is really unpleasant…like getting her face washed and full body bath. Yucky.

And then she has to stand there to dry off. I think it’s pretty clear what she thinks of that experience!


She is looking really good, however, and I can see some changes after just a week. Her neck is looking very nice already and she’s gaining muscle in her hindquarters as well. She’s growing up to be a very beautiful mare.