Glorious October

amywink October 3rd, 2011

Finally the heat has broken and we are well under 100. It was actually chilly Saturday morning and I wished for long sleeves for a while during my 8am lesson. But that was a minor inconvenience on the glorious October morning when I got to drive Francine’s Andalusian gelding, BB, for the second time, and this time, hooked to her birds-eye-maple Eagle carriage.


BB’s actual name is Joyante, and he’s preparing to compete at the Andalusian National Show in Fort Worth next week so it was quite an honor to drive him so soon after his training has begun. He was, of course, marvelous to drive, responsive and light so that a slight squeeze on the rein moved him in the correct direction. Will, I am sure, appreciated that lesson as well since I had to work on making my cues steady and light. At the end of my lesson, Francine snapped some shots of me driving alone so I do have proof!


And of course, my circles with him:


It was great to have a chance to drive the Eagle as well since that is the carriage I’m saving to buy “some day”–I want dark green with straw striping, and perhaps two seats on the back. Dream, dream, dream.

It was cool enough after my lesson to also drive Will and we had a very good drive, slow and steady, as we work to build up endurance for the driving trial. I’m continuing to work on the 40m circle, which is a bit harder to visualize for me, having practiced 20m circles mostly. Still, we are making respectable progress:


2 Responses to “Glorious October”

  1. Stevenon 03 Oct 2011 at 2:44 pm

    What a beautiful creature and such a handsome carriage. You look quite in control in the picture. Glad you’re able to get back to it!

  2. ellenon 10 Oct 2011 at 9:00 am

    YEA! Can’t wait for more pictures! Hard to believe the HDT is just a month away.

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