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Will the Rock Star

amywink October 31st, 2011

Will had guests this weekend and he was his best self as he touted them about the place and showed off his skills and strength. Kristi came up from Houston and Steven finally made it out for a long promised carriage ride. I think I made that promise in 2009! But we finally had good weather and good timing!

Will got a nice brushing from Steven and he clearly knew it was different but also that he was supposed to be a good horse and stand there quietly. He’s a lot more….gymnastic… when I brush him. And clearly, he wanted to show what a good boy he was being:img_2045.jpgimg_2047.jpg

Though 2 more passengers were more that he usually carries, Will did his best to show he could manage and took his guests on a tour as I answered questions about driving. In the middle of the questions, I thought about how much I actually knew now about driving than even just a year ago, and way more than when I started as a blank slate 4 years ago. Remembering how far I had come from that beginning experience was deeply satisfying. Being able to explain things that I used to barely understand, as well as being able to do it while driving and not make a directional mistake, was also very personally gratifying.

Will, of course, begged his rewards once we’d finished, and now thinks Steven is his new BFF.


I have had to make some changes to my plans for the fall and have withdrawn from the Haven Hill Driving Trial because of family health issues. However, I believe I derived as much pleasure or more from driving my friends around than I would have from competing next weekend. There will a time for competition, but right now, I just want to relax and enjoy the fall weather with my horses and friends.

Blessing turned 4 in early October and she heads to training in November. I am looking forward to driving her and seeing what she can do. She’s a bit calmer than Will and more independent–he’s the diva. She also likes to put her feet in water so I’ll have at least one horse who will go through a water hazard. I imagine she may just drag her reluctant brother along.

Here she is waiting to see if someone might be putting dinner out in her bucket.


I finally have my driving apron as well and I am very pleased. Ashley Mitchell selected the fabrics and has a seamstress made the aprons to order. The combination of smokey blues, greens and blacks in the plaid side look surprisingly gorgeous with the chocolately brown side. I’m quite pleased and will have several color options for the rest of my eventual attire.


Fair Trade

amywink October 10th, 2011


No driving this weekend. We had rain.


Glorious October

amywink October 3rd, 2011

Finally the heat has broken and we are well under 100. It was actually chilly Saturday morning and I wished for long sleeves for a while during my 8am lesson. But that was a minor inconvenience on the glorious October morning when I got to drive Francine’s Andalusian gelding, BB, for the second time, and this time, hooked to her birds-eye-maple Eagle carriage.


BB’s actual name is Joyante, and he’s preparing to compete at the Andalusian National Show in Fort Worth next week so it was quite an honor to drive him so soon after his training has begun. He was, of course, marvelous to drive, responsive and light so that a slight squeeze on the rein moved him in the correct direction. Will, I am sure, appreciated that lesson as well since I had to work on making my cues steady and light. At the end of my lesson, Francine snapped some shots of me driving alone so I do have proof!


And of course, my circles with him:


It was great to have a chance to drive the Eagle as well since that is the carriage I’m saving to buy “some day”–I want dark green with straw striping, and perhaps two seats on the back. Dream, dream, dream.

It was cool enough after my lesson to also drive Will and we had a very good drive, slow and steady, as we work to build up endurance for the driving trial. I’m continuing to work on the 40m circle, which is a bit harder to visualize for me, having practiced 20m circles mostly. Still, we are making respectable progress: