107, 108, 109, 110

amywink August 27th, 2011

I *wish* that was a count of the driving hours I had completed since my last post.

However. It isn’t.

It’s the temperatures we are expecting having this weekend. The last weekend of August.

The heat is ghastly and so is the drought. It’s a terrible thing to be envious of the East Coast this weekend and their date with Irene. But there ya go….envious. Makes me wonder how we might develop some kind of water pipeline system to divert water from regions that have too much to those regions that have too much.

We may get a nice cool off next week…..with temperatures predicted to only be 100.

The drought is bringing out lots of wildlife we don’t usually see and last week on my drive out to see the horses, I spotted a very very large owl resting on a fence post. He/she was kind of enough to stay put while I turned the car around to take some photos.


Once I got home, I checked my Sibley Book of Birds to find that my posing friend is a Barred Owl. We have regular backyard visits from Eastern Screech Owls and a Great Horned Owl, but this was my first Barred Owl. I hope she makes it through the drought.

I did, by the way, hit 81 hours of driving in July, with my last lesson. If it cools down sometime, I *may* be able to make 100 hours by November 30. I’m hoping next weekend will be cool enough for a nice drive. If not, maybe we’ll have a hurricane…..Come on, Jose…..

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  1. Stevenon 28 Aug 2011 at 11:25 am

    Beautiful! I haven’t ever seen one, either. She looks huge!

    We’ve had odd sightings in our neighborhood, too — most notably, a porcupine.

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