amywink February 14th, 2011


Trust me, there’s a circle in there somewhere! :)

Sunday, the weather and timing worked perfectly and Will and I got back to work on our circles. I had thought that the GPS unit would help me see if my circles were better but I forgot to hit the lap button to separate the paths I took each time. Perhaps you can see the nice diagonals we achieved a couple of times! Next time, I’ll hit the lap button. Despite the lack of evidence, we did do some respectable circles. My contact is much improved with the new hand position and Will is responding very well so I am generally pleased.

I did discover an issue with my gloves. My middle finger has been getting quite uncomfortable with the new position–the rein comes into the hand between the middle finger and the ring finger, then comes out of the hand above the pointer finger– and yesterday I determined that perhaps the finger of the glove was too tight, so I tried a larger glove on my left hand. Sure enough, that worked much better. I am still having an issue with my knuckle and the rein so I am trying to adjust the position of the rein to see if that improves as well. I might need to look for glove without a seam down the finger but I’ll wait to see if I can make the larger glove more comfortable. I may have to trade off the too long fingers of the glove for the comfort of my knuckle fit.

Will was very happy after our drive and finally posed for a nice photo:


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  1. Stevenon 15 Feb 2011 at 9:32 am

    Look at Will in his fluffy winter coat. He does look quite proud of himself. And that GPS idea is cool — stick with it!

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